Company profile

Feng Chyuanwas founded in 1987, and has upheld a sound business development. In response to the ever-changing technology trends, in January 2014, we expanded the plant size, upgraded the mechanical equipment, and relocated to the current address.
Company founder, Mr. Jun Lin Chi, began to accumulate practical experiences in manufacturing gear for more than thirty years since his apprenticeship. Professional customization and OEM various types of precise gear parts for industrial machinery as our main field of business. Our products include spur gears,helical gears, epicyclic gears,internal gears, harmonic drive gears, timing pulleys,worm and worm wheel,skew bevel gears, crossed helical gears, motor shafts, transmission shafts。
To enhance production efficiency and accuracy, we have introduced German and Japanese precise machining equipment, testing equipment, and are committed ourselves to the excellence. Through the interbank exchange of knowledge, technological application, strengthening company competitiveness, we supply international standard quality products to meet customer demands.

Company Vision

Feng Chyuan adheres to the business philosophy of "Quality, Excellence". Actively promotes the machinery automation, effectively controls high yield rate, look into the future based on more than thirty years of experiences to establish own brand and open up overseas markets and international territory.about.jpg